Takefu Suminagashi Laminated Steel Bar 5.4 x 33 x 330mm


Takefu Suminagashi Laminated Steel Bar 5.4 x 33 x 330 mm.

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One bar of Takefu Suminagashi Laminated Steel 5.4 x 33 x 330 mm.

Japanese Takefu Suminagashi steel laminated with 23 total layers, suitable for forging or stock removal. The core is approximately 1.5mm thick Takefu Shiro2 steel with 11 layers of cladding on each side alternating thick low carbon and thin high carbon.
When etched in ferric chloride, the thick layers of cladding stay bright while the core/cutting edge and the thin layers of carbon steel become dark for a strongly contrasting pattern.

If a blade is made by stock removal it will reveal straight layers when etched. The laminate can be manipulated by hammering or peining while cold or hot to upset the layers to create a random or uniform pattern.

When heat treated, only the core steel will harden which makes the blade as a whole tough and much easier to hand finish.

Sometimes incorrectly described as Shirogami 2 (a Hitachi steel), Shiro2 is a unique alloy which by comparison has small additions of chromium and nickel for improved toughness. It is a fine grained high carbon steel with very high potential for sharpness. Almost free of contaminants and with few alloying elements, the core steel can attain very high hardness and take an incredibly fine edge. This is not a stainless steel and can rust if not cared for.

Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 0.95 – 1.05%
Chromium: <0.30%
Nickel: 0.70 – 1.30%
Manganese: <0.50%
Silicon: <0.50%


Recommended Heat Treatment

As quenched hardness 66-69HRC.

Recommended working hardness 59-65HRC, depending on application.

Estimated Tempering Hardness:

150°C 65HRC

175°C 63HRC

200°C 61HRC

220°C 59HRC

Additional information

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Dimensions 33 × 3.3 × 0.54 cm


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