The Full Range Of Damasteel® Stainless Damascus

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If there is a pattern or size of Damasteel® you would like a bar of but don’t see in stock, please complete the inquiry form. There is a minimum order size of 500mm – we can’t get a length made any shorter than that.

Patterns are available in up to three different steel compositions, listed below each pattern – DS92X™, DS93X™, and DS95X™.

Damasteel® DS92X™ Gun Barrel Steel – Consists of two low alloyed hardenable carbon barrel steels.This Damascus patterned steel can be blued or browned for a traditional look.

Damasteel® DS93X™ Martensitic Damascus Patterned Steel – Consists of two different hardenable knife steel grades. It combines corrosion resistance with superior strength. A unique cutting ability is achieved through superior edge properties. Easy to maintain. An excellent steel for edge tools such as knives. Available in all Damasteel® patterns.

Damasteel® DS95X™ Austenitic Damascus Patterned Steel – Damasteel’s austenitic Damascus patterned steel is a stainless powder based steel with the two alloys 304L and 316L. Each alloy represents a good combination of formability and corrosion resistance. These alloys are used in a variety of products for use in specific conditions. Some examples are jewelry, watches and other EDC applications where corrosion resistance and aesthetics are important.


Ægir™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Bifrost™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Björkmans Twist™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Dense Twist™  DS92X™ DS93X™ DS95X™

Draupner™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Grosserosen™  DS93X™

Gysinge™  DS93X™

Hakkapella™  DS93X™

Heimskringla™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Hugin™  DS93X™

Hymer™  DS93X™

Ladder™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Munin™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Odin Heim™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Odins Eye™  DS93X™

Rose™  DS93X™

Sparse Twist™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Super Dense Twist™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Thor™  DS93X™

Vinland™  DS93X™

Bluetongue™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Concentric Layers™  DS93X™

Dense Twist™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Fenja™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Heimskringla™  DS93X™ DS95X™

Baldur™  DS93X™

Parallell Layers™  DS93X™ DS95X™