Tokonole Leather Burnishing Gum 500g Neutral

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Tokonole Leather Burnishing Gum 500 g Neutral.

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Tokonole Leather Burnishing Gum 500g. Excellent for smoothing and slicking the edges on leather to a nice glossy finish.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply and water solouble
  • Penetrates deep into leather, binds the fiber from the root
  • Spreads easily and evenly and polishes to glossy shine
  • Works on veg-tanned, chrome tanned and combination tanned leather
  • Similar to gum tragacanth, but much easier to use, does not smell, and won’t irritate your skin
  • Can also be used to slick down the flesh side of leather to stick down any loose fibers
  • Made in Japan by Seiwa

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