U-Beaut Shellac Flakes 220g (Makes 1L)

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U-Beaut Shellac Flakes 220g

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U-Beaut Shellac Flakes are mixed with Methylated Spirits to make fresh liquid shellac. Shellac is one of the most versatile of all wood finishes. it can be thinned and used as a sanding sealer or a base to build a wax finish upon. It can be applied with a brush or a pad to give a full French Polished finish, coloured for dramatic decorative finishes and more. Shellac can also be sprayed on to a surface by means of conventional or airless spray equipment. This is usually used as a base for other finishes.

Flake Shellac has a virtually unlimited shelf life if kept dry, cool and out of direct sunlight, thus making this the most practical way of purchasing the product. Liquid shellac is best when used fresh so do not mix your Flake Shellac until you are ready to use it.


Empty contents of your jar into a large clean container. Add  1 litre of Methylated Spirits and leave until flakes are thoroughly dissolved, stirring occasionally. When fully dissolved, strain the liquid through a stocking or fine cloth back into your jar to remove any foreign material.

Do not use a metal container to store liquid shellac (French Polish) as this will degrade the polish at a very fast rate.

This mixture may be thinned as required with methylated spirits.

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