U-Beaut Swansdown Polishing Mop


U-Beaut Swansdown Polishing Mop

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U-Beaut Swansdown Polishing Mops are made in Australia from genuine Swansdown, and are one of the best ways to put a brilliant wax finish onto timber when using EEE-Ultra Shine, Aussie Oil, Shellawax or White Shellac.

Using one of these mops can cut the time it takes to buff a wax finish to a matter of seconds, depending upon the size of the work to be buffed. A knife handle will take only a minute or two to bring up to a high gloss. These mops also work much cooler than a lambs-wool buff, making them much safer to use on surfaces that may be effected by heat.

The mops are made of genuine swansdown which is woven to form soft fabric sheets of material, which are cut, stacked, fixed together with solid plastic washers, and punched for mounting.

NOTE: These mops will shed a lot of fluff the first few times they are used. To help minimize and control this shedding, it is a good idea to condition the mop before using it. This is done by running the mop at high speed then putting a piece of very coarse abrasive (16 grit is ideal) in contact with the edge of the mop that is used for buffing. This will drag off any of the loose fibres with a controlled action.

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