U-Beaut Tripoli Powder 400g


U-Beaut Tripoli Powder 400g

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U-Beaut Tripoli Powder 400g is a super fine abrasive powder used to impart a brilliant sheen to the final finish of French Polish and many other finishes. Tripoli Powder is based on finely ground volcanic rock, and is sometimes also referred to in Australia as Rottenstone.

There are multiple uses for Tripoli Powder in knifemaking. It can be used as a final abrasive on timber before applying handle finishes, used after handle finishes to help give you a smooth satin or gloss finish, or even used for final polishing of blades.


Use over Shellac, White Shellac or Aussie Oil for a brilliant, blemish free sheen.

Dust the polished surface with the Tripoli Powder and with a clean soft rag firmly rub the powder over the work until the desired effect is achieved. Wipe off with a clean rag to remove any residual traces of the Tripoli Powder.

Tripoli Powder can also be applied with a soft rag that has been moistened with Mineral Oil or water to help lubricate the surface of the polish and make the work go easier.

Use to dull a finish.

To cut a surface back from a gloss, wet-look, finish to a dry shine, dust the finished surface with Tripoli Powder directly from the shaker and rub the surface with a medium pressure using a clean soft rag or the palm of your hand until you have the surface evenly dulled. Do not continue to rub or use heavy pressure or the powder will start to break down and you may end up bringing up a higher shine,

Use as a liquid abrasive.

You can make a slurry of Mineral oil and Tripoli Powder and use this as a liquid abrasive for polishing steel. An excellent option for bringing out hamons on W2 or 26C3.

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