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VFD accepts 240 Volt single phase input from a 10 Amp circuit and supplies 240 volt 3 phase power to the 3 phase variable speed motors. The variable speed motors we stock are LBG-2HPNOOB-1.5HPVS, MTR-2HPVS4P. These units do not come with electrical cables for connection, if you require them the part number is LBG-WIRE. This device should be connected to a power supply and motor by a qualified electrician familiar with VFD installation. Warranty claims must be accompanied by electrician’s license number and installation invoice. VFD Programming instruction can be found HERE.

Part Number Description
NOOB-1HP 1hp  (0.75 kw) 240 volt, fixed speed motor to suit Noob Grinder or disc grinder. Foot and Flange mountings and 19mm shaft
NOOB-1.5HPVS 1.5 HP (1.1 kw) 240 volt, 3 phase variable speed motor only suitable for use with VFD speed control. Also Great for disc grinders. Foot and Flange mountings and 19mm shaft (See Note)
LBG-2HP 2 HP (1.5kw) 240 Volt 3 phase (requires VFD above for single phase use). 2 pole motor with B14A Flange and 90S Metric mounts. Suits little buddy grinder and disc grinder discs. 24mm shaft
MTR-2HPVS4P MOTOR 2HP, 1.5kW, 1400RPM, 4POLE, IP55, 3 Phase variable speed motor
VFD-E510 3HP (2.2kw) Suits all of our variable speed motors (LBG-2HP, NOOB-1.5HPVS). Sealed Variable frequency speed controller. IP 66 prevents entry of metal dust,240 volt single phase in, electronically converts to 240 Volt, 3 phase out to suit 3 phase motors.
LBG-WIRE Wiring kit to suit above VFDs and Motors, includes pictorial instructions, dust proof glands and all terminals ready for your electrician to connect.

Note: Variable speed motors are three phase motors, The VFD converts your single phase power into 3 phases to control the speed of the motor. When used with a VFD you only need single phase power to run them. Unless you have 3 phase power you cannot run them without a VFD.

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